January 31, 2010

5 minutes pose by direct oil paint


January 30, 2010


My friend ask me to draw her dog.

I usually draw human,It's something new for me to draw an animal.
She is glad to see this art.So I'm also happy.

Adorable BAMBI

Do you know how big it is?

It's really small!!!So cute!
Compare this with an apple!Look at this.

I found an easel which is match with this size.

How do you draw the face?How do you understand?

I took a portrait drawing class.

Everything is made from the box.Everything.
So,Once I start to draw human face,I try to see the face as a box.

It is not difficult,but it's not easy.

First of all,I made a big one box.And I made hair,eyes,nose,mouth,ear....boxes.

Second step is that breaking the box and making geometric shape like triangle at each part.

Do you know that every part has a plane?Not only making a box but also making a plane.Look at around cheek.You can realize which part is come out or hollow.

Break down the hair.In fact, hair is gathered many lines.But I also saw hair as a box.And break it down.

I put shadow to make illusion.

The most important thing is how you understand.

January 26, 2010

Inspiration from red wine

I spilled some red wine on the canvas by mistake.But this happening makes me have a lot of inspiration.And I made it.

Part of her dress made of red wine.After I finished this,smells still were left.I feel that my spirit is inside of this art.

Mistake has a lot of potential to become success.It depends on you.

Then I made original label for bottle of red wine.




January 22, 2010

Why people buy the works of artist?

Why people buy the works of artist?
Why people want it?

It's because that the work is really great masterpiece.

One more reason is people love the artist himself.They sympathize with artist's way of living,thinking or personality.

Or both of reason.





January 11, 2010

New art"EVE"

I've finished my new artwork.I've been drawing since January 2nd.
I haven't been changes top page image of my website in 4 months.

Description of this art,Inspiration from Genesis the story forbidden fruit.Bird instead of snake try to do the temptation to let her eat the apple.

Face and bird are done by pencil.

I listed this art print on Etsy.Please check it out.

January 1, 2010

To be success.

There is no hidden agenda to be success.

To believe in yourself.
To make a lot of efforts.
To focus on your goal.

That's it.

Then the universe give you everything you want.
I would rather say you have already it.



I am very grateful to you for the kindness you showed me last year.
May the year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you!