December 23, 2009

mode illustration

woman is waking on the street

black suit

long i-lush

December 21, 2009

What is success?

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.

study for "last supper"
Leonard da vinch

study of hourse
Leonard da vinch

study for "Virgin and Child with Saint Anne"
Leonard da vinch

study for copy of the lost Battle of Anghiari
Peter Paul Rubens

December 20, 2009

The pregnant woman

I draw some illustration just for relaxing.

The pregnant woman wears knee high socks.

I put washi paper which is traditional japanese paper on it.

Before I draw,I saw collected painting of Egon Schiele.
He is one of my favorite artist.I love his expression of woman's face.

Also I like his color.
It's really fashionable.

Daaamn,I love it!

December 19, 2009

Pencil drawing

I took a drawing class today.
I use only pencil.When I draw,It is important to think that how far I can go.

If you have think that you have to make masterpiece or to compete with somebody or to make something beautiful,you'll have a fear.
Then you gonna lose your power.

So I just tried to draw to follow the rule which are accurate measurement and using only straight line.

This is my work that model is sitting down the antique chair.

I dedicated myself to draw the textile of chair in detail.

When I cannot understand shape of the object,I try to draw it on another paper until I understand.Once I understand the concept ,it's going to be easy.

December 18, 2009

Hokusai Katsushika

Hokusai Katsushika (October or November 1760–May 10, 1849) is one of my favorite artist.He found a success in ukiyo-e painting and printed at Edo period.
He was a big infuluence on Vincent van Gogh,Claude Monet,Edgar Degas who were impressionnisme in 19century in Europe.

As you know already,he painted many Mt.Fuji.The Great Wave off Kanagawa is the most famous print in his series 36 views of Mount Fuji.

For me,what is love about him is his composition.
Every his artwork was well calculated.So I feel comfortable when I see his art.

Apparently the composition and construction pretty much decides whether good art or not.He used a golden section,measurement,a lot of geometric shapes.He thought he could draw everything by circle and triangle.

I’ll show you something.

At first,you put diagonal line, then you put the middle point of compass at lower corner of left side.The tip of billow and the top of Mt.Fuji are located at intersection point between the arc and diagonal line.Amazing!

This one,I put Golden section ruler two ways. Either way he got all important point.And separation of canvas is perfectly done. Unbelievable!

I cannot believe that he did without knowing.I’m sure he intended.

That's why he gave to us a big impact and impressions.So I admire him so much.
The great work must have some reason.

December 17, 2009


I've just done my artwork.This is for exhibition at gallery in Osaka on April.
I'll collaborate with my friend who is jewelry artist.

So I'm really exciting!

November 24, 2009

A few artwork are updated

I update 4 illustrations on my website.
Please check it out.
gallery commercial&more

ART CUBE exhibition just finished!

It had just finished the exhibition which I joined.
Thank you for coming!

November 6, 2009


2009.11.17~22まで生玉のSOHO galleryで行われる「アートキューブ展」に参加します。

第3回アートキューブ展 2009 SoHo企画

また、11月21日(土)はpm17:00〜19:00 Closingパーティを開催します。
会期 11月17日(火)〜11月22日(日)
時間 pm12:00〜pm19:00 最終日(日)のみpm17:00迄
パーティ 11月21日(土)pm17:00〜pm19:00

SOHO gallery
ART CUBE exhibition
Open hours:pm12:00~19:00(last day is until17:00)
closing party:21st(Sat)17:00~19:00
@SOHO gallery

The art cube is that many kind of artist express their own art in the crystal cubic box.This time,41 artist join the exhibition.You can see 41 different kind of arts in it.There will be a closing reception to be held on Saturday November 21st, from 5 to 7pm.

SOHO gallery
Ikutama-cho10-20,tennoji-ku,Osaka city
+81 06-4394-7456